Consider The Tuscan Style Furniture, One Of The Best Furnishings To Enhance A Home

Tuscan furniture is one of the best furnishings that could make a home feel and look comfortable. Moreover, arranging this kind of furniture in the home could perfectly beautify the home decoration. The style is not only suitable in old homes but in contemporary houses as well. There are various kinds of Tuscan furniture that suit every one’s needs.

Tuscan Style Furniture

Inspired by the old-world in Europe, the Tuscan-style decorating is never short on elegance or drama. Any homeowner could bring a touch of the old-world charm to a home through furniture and decor that looks warm, refined and gently aged. From kitchens to dining places to living rooms and the other rooms in a house, there is no room that will be left untouched by the elegance and beauty of the dramatic Tuscan furnishings. One could emphasize the style that could give a beautiful sense for the family. Most pieces are made of high quality wood that could be passed on from generation to generation.

When done well, the Tuscan style captures the essence of the countryside of Italy without feeling over theatrical or overwrought. It is rustic yet not primitive, effortlessly stylish and unpretentious. While furnishings and surface are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of life in the country or farm, they carry a refined air that will feel at home in a palatial atmosphere. The tuscan approach to home interior design discovers beauty in the mundane. For instance, the trademark wooden ceiling beams in Tuscan homes. They are not only essential to the framework but also have their own charm.

Tuscan furniture and decor items evoke the impression of the hand of the artisan. While the interiors in this style are uncluttered, they are neither stark. Some of the best pieces to choose are those with subtle flourishes and strong lines that radiate comfort and warmth to any home setting. Furniture pieces that have rustic, quaint charm will nicely fit the Tuscan style. Homeowners could incorporate furnishings with heavier styles for a sense of refinement. The furniture decor palettes typically include hues of brown and cream, beige stone, golden yellow, terra cotta, russet, sienna and brick. Green colors are muted, including pear, cypress, and olive, dark green and sage.

Create a sense of drama, romance and feelings of Europe in the past with Tuscan furniture and decor. Some take it in a rustic route by using distressed wood. Others create the look with heavy crystal chandeliers, upholstered furniture and ornate wood among others. The lure of the Tuscany-inspired furnishings lies in their simplicity. Through mixing comfortable, worn, loved pieces, any room in a house could become warm and inviting. The natural elements are what make the decorating style very much appealing to homes these days. It’s time to bring the famed Italian region to the home with earthy neutrals and sun-baked colors which make up the style. Furthermore, wood and metal are prevalent among many styles. Wood finishes, often are warm to dark and can have a distressed appearance. The metal finishes of the style range from antique almond, burnt sienna, antique copper, autumn gold, black, brown, bronze and mocha.


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