Southwest Style Furniture Has Pretty Earth Colors, Rich Wood And Unique Details

Southwest style furniture has beautiful earth hues, one-of-a-kind details and rich wood. It looks great whether decorating an entire room or adding one special piece. When it comes to southwest style furnishing, one could picture Indian or Aztec designs, oversized pieces with Old World charm or rustic hand hewn log furniture. Characterized by the landscape, wide open countryside and the sun shining off of the subdued colors of the foothills and mountains, particularly during sunset, southwest design furnishing has a subtle design and symbolizes the rustic, worn nature of pieces that have stood the test of time under the sun and battered by wind-driven sands. The furniture pieces are assembled by hand and made from solid wood.

Southwest style furniture

Nevertheless, there are more beautiful styles of furniture that could only be attained with the style and characteristic of the style. These include Spanish, Mexican, Santa Fe, Tuscan, Western Ranch, Lodge pole, Hand painted and hand crafted southwest furniture pieces. Highly skilled artisans of the southwest learn their craft from their ancestors as the woodworking skills are passed from generation to generation.

The design evokes the romance and beauty of desert landscapes and the Old West. Furthermore, it combines old with new, earthy with fanciful, rugged with refined to make a design that has unmistakable warmth and energy. Probably more than any other style, the Southwestern decor conveys a sense of place immediately. Its welcoming aura and overt vibrancy lures homeowners and transports them to another place, another era. It is a style of complements and contradictions, as dramatic as the difference between a snow-capped mountain and a sun-scorched mesa.

Hand-crafted furnishing also includes motifs inspired by the 16th century furniture design of Spain that includes swags, shells, plants, fruit and birds. Another style that is generally handcrafted is beautiful leather furniture pieces and pigskin or Equipale. Southwestern furnishings have solid and even chunky profiles as well as rugged sensibility. Painted furniture suits the style very well, particularly when it bears distressed texture and sanded edges. For upholstered furniture pieces, a good choice would be natural, durable materials like leather, burlap and cotton.

The key to a beautiful southwest design is to balance thick furniture with spindlier pieces to lighten visual weight. There is nothing shy about the southwest palette. Rich shades like terra-cotta, salmon, turquoise, brick red and squash gold come straight from the landscape and the desert sky. When using the decorating theme in a home, a den or living room is a great place for it. The patterns and bright colors are conducive to conversation. A homeowner should consider what colors to be most prominent. Oranges, yellows, red and greens are traditional southwest hues. Walls could be painted with turquoise and colorful rugs. Wall hangings that are also colorful are great options as well. Check out colorful rugs crafted by hand.

The colors of the southwest are warm, earthy, which make guests feel welcome and at home. Rooms in the theme are great for playing games or for talking because the hues stimulate conversation and action. There are so many ways to decorate a room in a southwestern decor, and each would be invigorating, interesting and beautiful.


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