Take Time To Spruce Up The Outdoors By Integrating Stylish Furniture And Accents

Spending more time in the outdoors is a favorite activity for most people. That is why it is necessary to take time to spruce up the outdoor setting and make it an oasis with stylish outdoor furniture and accents. All blue hues and shades are the trend this year. Nevertheless, blue would never fade and go out of style. It is calming and reminds of cool waters as well as sophisticated when layered with white, neutrals and textural additions such as various finishes, fabrics and other materials.

Outdoor furniture decor

Bring the home and the life outdoors by creating a beautiful oasis by creating living rooms on patios and porches. Arrange the seating as in a family room or living space to encourage gathering for food, relaxation and conversation. For a more comfortable setting, consider adding comfortable pillows and cushions covered in outdoor fabric liberally. The outdoor space could become the most popular rooms inside and outside the house.

The tropical trend is on the rise, influenced by the Mediterranean countries where tourists flock all summer long. Even if one does not live in a desert or coastal climate, it is easy to recreate an exotic look for an oasis. Consider introducing a playful geometric pattern with navy pillows or a pop of teal with a pair or woven outdoor blue chairs. Add a navy outdoor market umbrella to stay cool and prop the feet up with navy stripe ottomans. There are practically hundreds of decors and furnishings that could help create an outdoor oasis.

Cast some shade with a pergola. It is a great way of delineating space and cool off the outdoors. Nevertheless, it still allows the sun to shine through. Another great idea to spruce up an outdoor setting is to take it to the tropics. Install a water feature to create a relaxing getaway in the back yard. Boost the luxury by making the feature do double-duty as a fountain and a hot tub at the same time. No matter where the location of the home may be, every outside space could benefit from a water feature. The sound of trickling water is soothing and shapely outdoor garden fountains could create an inherent focal point in any setting.

Add an outdoor fireplace to create a fiesta. Add a sofa to transform even a small backyard to a luxurious exterior living space. Opt for bright colors for a fun outdoor that is perfect for parties. Strong geometric shapes could take center stage in the outdoors. Structural elements, such as a curving patio wall could be offset with bold patterns. Throw pillows in floral prints play off the tropical plants around. Adding paper lanterns could illuminate the space and offer an Asian-influenced atmosphere. A dining table could be ideally located between the cooking and seating areas. A long table provides enough room for a dinner party. Moreover, a turquoise-stained concrete patio will resemble cool water for an added tropical vibe. Create a cozy place to relax with furniture that could withstand the elements. Sturdy furnishings are durable, stylish and easy to maintain. One could opt for a couple of recycled plastic chairs, wicker ottoman that also serves as footrest and a coffee table.


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