Give a Room a fresh appearance by adding Distressed Furniture to the Room Decor

If there’s a space in the home that could do with a fresh look, consider adding distressed furniture to the decor. The piece could create a feeling of warmth in a room by conveying a sense of continuity with the years gone by. There are other spaces where distressed furniture could go well with a modern home decor. For instance, an antique finished wood could be inset in more monochromatic, modern border.

Distressed furniture is a newer piece conditioned to have the look of an older piece with moderate use. These furnishings work with just about any home decor style, such as western, country cottage, French, rustic, antique, shabby chic or a beach theme. Although a homeowner may not want to replace all the furnishings in the home with distressed items, a piece here or there would really stand out against the other decor options. Any kind of wooden furniture could be distressed easily. Even painted ones made of metal could be distressed with a couple of certain methods. The process of distressing furniture depends usually on the style, the amount of distressing desired and if the material is stained or painted. Nonetheless, care should be taken in order to not overdo a treatment.


The idea about furniture distressing is to create an appearance that looks like from years of loving use, not the look of a furnishing that has undergone great abuse. Nowadays, when you look at homes, there are many stainless steel appliances as well as sleek home designs that create clean, modern spaces. Although it is an extremely fashionable look, the flip side of this home decor genre is something that is more eclectic or rustic.

For those who prefer something a bit more rustic, then falling in love with distressed wood for rustic floors, kitchen cabinets, furniture and wall paneling is easy. Kitchen cabinets in distressed lumber are a wonderful option. The most natural way of creating the look is to use reclaimed, antique and salvaged wood with abundance in inherent color variation, rustic charm and character. There are cabinet manufacturers that also provide techniques to hand-distressed the lumber to create character. Another is to use faux finish methods for an antique effect.

Recycled timber such as barn wood or oak antique flooring could be used for creating cabinet doors for a natural color and character. Every stain, hole, crack and color variation has been created for decades of natural aging as beam or floor joist in a barn or factory. Faux distressing is a method of altering the wood’s surface look, create imperfections and craft new cabinets that look a bit more distressed.

Faux finish is another way to distress wood, which involves applying several finishes to create a multi-tone effect. Normally, one would notice the darker hue underneath, with a lighter shade color applied on top, then sporadically yet carefully scraped or rubbed off to create variety and avoid any kind of pattern to the final finish. This kind of wood flooring is another great option to any home. Rich hues and dark original saw marks of recycled lumber could make for a stunning look.


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