Enhance Beauty of Bedroom With Hammered Copper Panel Furniture

One of the hottest trends in furniture these days includes the hammered copper panel furniture. Some of the pieces that are hand-crafted hammer copper include bedroom collection like bed, trunk and nightstand. The furniture items include hand-hammered and fired copper the same as the old world tradition, providing a lot of variations and makes every panel a work of art. While no two copper panels match, the whole collection blends together.

Hammered Copper Panel Bedroom Furniture In crafting furniture items, the material has been protected with a final clear lacquer coating. The nightstand, trunk and bed headboard feature real metal panels. There are several furniture manufacturers and sellers that offer a large selection of quality metal furniture and they could also cater to custom sizes, depending on one’s preference.

Bring warmth and love to any bedroom setting with beds, nightstands and trunks crafted from hammered panel from recycled wood and repurposed copper. Salvaged from abandoned buildings and barns, the reclaimed lumber takes on a second life and helps in reducing pressure on forest resources. Damaged, discarded and unused copper is gathered, re-forged and hand-hammered into amazing panels, tops and accents.

The traditional copper work in Mexico originated from the pre-Hispanic era, limited mostly to former P’urhepecha Empire in what now is the state of Jalisco and Michoacan. The reason for this was that this was the only time wherein the metal can be found on the surface. After Spain conquered the Aztec Empire, the Spanish took control of the production of the metal, introducing European methods but still required indigenous labor. The metal craft, same as other crafts was mainly organized in Michoacan under Vasco de Quiroga. The extraction of the material to make furniture pieces remained centered on Michoacan during the colonial times. However, most of the production gave out during the 19th century. After the Mexican revolution, the metal smiths of Santa Clara were limited to crafting with scrap metal making plates, pots, casseroles and other containers. Nowadays, the place remains home to many smiths with works that little changed from the colonial era.

The rich colors of brown, red, orange, yellow and black are fired directly into the metal of Mexican furniture bedroom pieces. Since the colors are random and could not be controlled, every piece is indeed unique. Old wood and copper bedroom furnishing such as a bed, nightstand or trunk could create a rustic bedroom decor in the home that is simply stunning. The beauty and warmth of the unique items is highlighted by the creative use of the panels as well as hammered tops. The furnishings are accented with drawer pulls, wrought iron hinges and nail heads.

It is easy to complete the rustic look and theme of any bedroom setting with eco-friendly, highest quality hand-hammered copper furnishing, crafted by artisans who are experts in the field. They use labor intensive methods which have been developed centuries ago. The beautiful copper panel furnishings are durable, easy to maintain and includes complete instructions on maintenance and care as well. The wonderful finish of these bedroom furniture pieces provides an ideal backdrop to soothe the senses while reading a favorite book in bed.


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