Turn Modern room to old room by using old world furniture pieces and decors

One of the most popular home decorating trends is the old world style. Old world furniture is characterized by dark hues such as dark brown, burgundy red and shady hunter green. Making a modern room to create the old world style includes using natural materials like tile and limestone and dusky stained furniture pieces that are mostly crafted from wood, luxurious brocades and deep color. Often the walls are accented with faux finishes and textures.


Old world furniture
is considered a timeless style which works well for those with modern houses who lean toward the traditional. The following are some tips to make a modern room into old by using old world furniture pieces.
1. Add dark textures and colors to walls. Use shadowy earth hues like greens and browns. One could also use burgundy and dark blue to color the walls. Faux painting techniques could be added to add textures to walls.
2. It is a great idea to add a rug to anchor a room before putting old world furniture pieces. The rugs must be rich in texture with dark shades matching the colors on the walls, on upholstery and drapes. It is also a good idea to add window coverings, such as gloomy colored window blinds accented with draperies to soften the look.
3. Old world dusky-stained furniture is the best option. One could opt for a sofa with hand-carved, intricate wood frame. It could be matched with a center table and center tables of the same finish and material. The dining area could be integrated with dim-stained dining table with matching chairs.
4. To set the old style, add an iron finish to the lighting fixture. If there is an existing lighting with silver or bronze finish, it could be sprayed with black or dusky brown paint. Lamps with dark colored bases and lamp shades are also great choices.
5. Use European accents for old world home decorating. Furthermore, one could also use textured vases and make a flower arrangement with silk or dried flowers as well as fruits in shady hues. Other accessories include artworks that depict the old Europe, like painting of castles and still life. Tapestry with colors picked from walls, furnishings and rugs could also be added.
Today, more and more homeowners love to add an old world style to their contemporary homes. They simply could not get enough of the rich splendor of old world furniture. Old design furniture styles could be blended with rustic designs for an overall interior design statement that’s beyond one’s simple choice. Old furnishings could be integrated in any room in the house or all over the home that will match with the interior them or design for the living room, family area, bedrooms, dining areas and even the home office.
The old era style is a mixed breed, drawing from the design conventions which spanned 16th and 17th century Europe. The influences stem from numerous places, like the Mediterranean coasts of Italy and Spain and the France countryside as well as various eras, including Renaissance and medieval. The design always calls to mind a sense of stately air and antiquity of centuries gone by.


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