Three easy ways to find reclaimed wood furniture to furnish a home or office setting

Salvaged wood provides old boards a new life, such as reclaimed recycled wood furniture. Reused lumber is becoming more and more popular these days with the call to go green to protect the environment and for the desire of homeowners to have  rustic style home that exudes coolness and a feeling of being close to nature. There are several ways to find free reused lumber as long as one knows where to look. Below are three ways to find free recycled lumber.


  • Old buildings and barns. Old mills and barns are great sources for high quality timber. It is quite easy to acquire old materials since most barn owners would be happy to give their old dilapidated building to have it cleaned up and out of the way. Old lumber develops a weathered silvery look over countless rainstorms, snowfalls and years under the fiery sun. With the beautiful patina, reused timber has turned out to be one of the world’s greenest trends.
  • Browse online. One could browse for reclaimed recycled wood furniture on the web. Retailers and wholesalers sell everything from milled lumber and timbers to flooring. Look for terms like salvaged, vintage, old barn timber, and planks to find the right pieces.
  • Remodeling contractors. Get in touch with remodeling contractors and ask them if it is possible to haul away any wood they tear out of a house. Most would be happy to give the materials to be reused because it would save them a significant amount on disposal expenses. This is a good option in an area where there are many old houses or buildings.

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