Check out Five Tips for Purchasing Reclaimed Wood Furniture for the Home or Office Setting

Of All the materials used by people, probably there is none more versatile than wood. Wooden pieces provide strength and beauty. These days, wooden products, although attractive and useful, are obtained largely by unsustainable logging practices. If these continue, the harvesting methods may one day leave the world stripped of trees and naturally will have a very negative impact on earth. One of the ways to go green is by using reclaimed recycled wood furniture. The following are some tips on buying these furnishings.

Reclaimed Recycled Wood Furniture

  • Opt for woods that are certified as nature-friendly by other organizations. There are various certification labels available to ensure authenticity.
  • Find products that are Forest Stewardship Council of FSC certified. It’s an organization which has developed sustainable measures for managing forests and operates programs verifying the adherence. It is an international organization which is established to promote responsible stewardship to the forests in the world.
  • Choose products made with reclaimed lumber. Pieces reused from old structures save trees and usually come in great widths.
  • Refrain from all tropical hardwoods such as teak and mahogany, as well as wooden materials such as douglas fir, redwood and a lot of western cedars that come typically from old-growth forests that are irreplaceable, unless otherwise certified.
  • Another way to purchase reclaimed recycled wood furniture is to opt for wood-free with the new breed of plastic recycled wood substitutes. These could last a lifetimes, requires less maintenance and even more sustainable compared to lumber from certified forests.

For more information on recycled wood furniture products, Click here…


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